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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  January 3, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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found alive in georgia. why the police pulled him over. alabama was thought to be unbeatable. we have a new debate. highlights in sports on this january 3rd edition of way too early. good morning, everybody. brian shactman here on this friday, january 3rd. a few notables in this show. "duck dynasty" rolling out new products and stirring up controversy. and the pot, in colorado, a little expensive. just saying. we'll have that story for you in a few minutes. we want to begin with this massive winter storm. blizzard-like conditions sweeping across a 700 mile stretch of the country. it will only get worse for some of america's busiest cities. governors, mayors from the midwest to eastern sea board
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declared states of emergency sending snow crews into action. the pressure points, chicago, l.a.x. under heavy stress. airlines forced to cancel 1,000 flights already today. they canceled 2, 000 plus yesterday. in philadelphia, schools are shut. treacherous roads. they lowered speed limits. already, tragedy struck in bux county, pennsylvania, a worker was killed trying to move road salt, a 100 foot pile buried him alive. a horrible, horrible story. the winds are gusting um to 35 miles per hour in the city of chicago with temperatures dropping to 25 below. folks, please be safe. in new york, schools are closed. the mayor, bill de blasio is focused on keeping the city running and already has mass transit running at reduced
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routes. the snow is piling up near the city of boston. massachusetts, 21 inches of snow. icy conditions caused trailers to jackknife. sandwich, massachusetts surf is up over the sea wall. let's go to bill karins. the snow was sideways. not much in the city, but it was blowing sideways. >> up to this point, a lot of roads being cleared. people are off them. now people have to get up, clear their yards and driveways and try to get to work in many cases. in some cases, don't go on the roads. long island expressway was closed overnight. it's blizzard conditions out there. i'm sure the roads are going to remain closed for the time being. the snow totals aren't the amazing part, it's the wind and the cold that makes it a memorable snowstorm. boston in at 14 inches since
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yesterday morning. albany, new york seven. central park five. providence seven or eight. your total hasn't been updated in awhile. d.c., five inches. baltimore, three. downtown d.c., an inch and a half. that's out there slippery, too. the good news, the storm pulls away quickly. the snow is ending in philadelphia. it's over with baltimore and d.c. new york an hour or two then it's ending and done with but it remains bitterly cold. if you have to get out there, this will not change during the day, even after the storm is gone. windchill values, look how low they are. we have negative numbers. nearby mus five in new york city. that's nothing compared to prav dense. look at vermont and maine. really, really cold stuff. as we mentioned, don't bother trying to shovel in southern new england. gusts 48 in province right now.
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the winds will die off during the day. it's still going to be bitterly cold all day. >> even people with their kids home from school need to be very careful with the kids sledding. it's going to be that cold. >> you don't want to be outside. wait until saturday. >> you are looking at times square. that cabbie is going way too fast across the screen. thank you. we'll check in with you later. richard lui is live in boston. the temperature hovering around zero. schools already closed. richard, first of all, i hope you parked the satellite truck near dunkin' donuts, it's cold out there. >> reporter: i'm looking forward to coffee. karins is talking cold. he doesn't know cold. this thermometer on my jacket is now negative ten degrees. you can hear it, the crew is working all night to keep the streets clean. just to take you back toward the streets, the amazing thing is
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despite all this snow, the last ten hours, it's been fairly clear. the streets, no ice has been laid on the street. it's been so cold, it wouldn't work. the good thing is moisture. the snow itself, you are a skier brian, this is light. >> fluffy. >> it's like champaign powder. this is really good stuff. it is probably about five degrees right now. one degree overnight. pretty, pretty cold. in fact, when we were looking at the wind gusts, coming this way. that's where the ocean is. you know boston harbor. the concern is the flooding up and down the area 150 miles long. they are watching for the high tide at noon. yeah, it is cold, my friend. it is windy. it's probably in the last oh, eight hours the worst we have seen in terms of wind. >> you spend time in ann arbor. you have that amazing msnbc suit on there. we appreciate you being out in
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the cold. >> right there. >> you look good. thanks, buddy. see you on "morning joe." we appreciate it. a ship trapped in layers of the antarctic ice is over. all 52 passengers are heading home on an australian ice breaker. the rescue mission took four hours and five flights. good luck with the weather let a chinese helicopter take them to safety. the 22 crew members are going to stay on board, we don't know for how long, for the foreseeable future. iraqis fighting back against islamic extremists. look at video of the air strikes they carried out ned against sunni militants to known ties of al qaeda. they took control of police stations and military bases in
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falusha. the militants torched numerous police cars, released prisoners and seized a variety of weapons. officials say more than 100 people were killed according to the united nations. the highest death toll since 2007. turning to another troubled part of the middle east, another deadly attack in lebanon. five people killed after a car exploded in beirut. more than 60 people injured. several cars and buildings were destroyed. it happened during a rush hour in a suburb that is a hezbollah stronghold. targeting sunni and shiite neighborhoods as it extends into lebanon. the former ambassador was killed in a car bomb attack. he was critical or both the
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government and hezbollah. back in the states here, immigrant rights activists scored a major victory in the state of california. yesterday, the state supreme court ruled sergio garcia, a mexican immigrant without a green card will be allowed to practice law. the decision was unanimous. he passed the exam four years ago, waiting approval of his green card. he was brought into the united states as a child. the court ruling is expected to play a role in new york and the state of florida. let's go to georgia where the former banker accused of faking his death 18 months was doing so without the knowledge of his own family. yesterday in court, the banker was denied bond as a flight risk. authorities feared he fled to south america. on tuesday, he was picked up during a traffic stop in georgia. he was pulled over because the windows on his truck were too
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darkly tinted. >> he said i'm going to make you famous. if you can accept reward money, i'm going to make you rich. i said who are you? aubrey lee price. who is that? he said i'm wanted by the fbi. >> price faces charges of embezzling $21 million in 2011. also federal wire fraud and civil lawsuits from the fcc. high demand for marijuana equals a high price to pay in colorado. retailers were selling it for $400 an ounce, not including taxes. i don't know the pricing structure myself, but it's compared to 250 bucks medical marijuana users have been paying since 2010. colorado does not regulate the pricing for the pot market. however, a colorado state university report expected prices to average around $185 an
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ounce. despite being stripped of every responsibility that matters, toronto mayor, rob ford is filing to seek re-election. he was the first in line yesterday when registration began. in spite of admitting to using crack cocaine during a drunk stupor, he's not stepping aside. >> got the lowest taxes in any major city in north america. created jobs. the city is booming. we are building a subway. i have dealt with issues other mayors couldn't deal with. i'm sticking with my record. talk is cheap. you are going to see action like you have never seen before. >> as we know, he's running gaffe after gaffe after gaffe since the discovery of him smoking crack with gang members in the video. he nearly bowled over a city councilwoman during heated session. whoa!
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i can't get enough of it. this one is tough. this is tommy boy part two and you have to deal with it. oh, boy. that's going to leave a mark. all right. we are going show it like once a week forever. wall street couldn't start off the year on a high note. down across the board. the first negative start since 2008. let's go to cnbcs steve in london. good morning. >> thanks. we had the best move since 1997 with the s&p. stocks like apple down, netflix was also down. don't worry, it was up 300% in 2013. elsewhere in business news, very interesting survey saying sdc, self-driving cars, they will drive themselves. 230,000 on the roads by 2025.
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just at the time i might need it, all vehicles on the road will have some form of self-drive capacity. >> gives your grandchildren -- listen, we have all fed our kids cheerios. i didn't know they had this stuff in the serial. tell us about what they are taking out. >> yeah, gmos, which are genetically modified ingredients. the corn is not gmo, it's organic. what the owner of general mills says they are going to strip the product that had gmo in them. this is iconic. according to a lot of activists by doing this, it could mean a lot for other products in the united states as well. a staple in my household as well so good news. >> joe and mika eat it every day.
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i wonder how they are going to react. have a great weekend. this is a great story. an anonymous person picked up the hotel tab for 50 rooms over the weekend. it is the season, right? what is the last good deed you did? jennifer, what was the last good deed you did? you have to think about that for a bit. tweet your answers using #waytooearly. we'll pull up the best answers later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," alabama's defense, a no show at the sugar bowl. highlights. jerry seinfeld, it's really a story about nothing but that's how seinfeld made money. we'll be right back.
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i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. time for a little college football. 11th ranked, oklahoma and number three alabama, let's go to the fourth quarter. alabama down 14th. a.j. on the flat. that's his first career reception at alabama. he will never forget it. a 61 yard touchdown, one possession game. alabama down seven. under a minute to play. it's a problem. getting pressured, stripped away. that's a touchdown. oklahoma pulls away for the
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14-point win, 54-31. they get the upset victory over alabama. yes, mr. scarborough is here today so i'm sure it will be discussed in a few minutes. yesterday, not a total loss for the crimson tide. a high school recruit, not everyone was happy about it. >> lsu or alabama, the number one safety will play his ball where? >> it's a tough decision. i got both schools here. i'm going with tie roll. >> there was not a lot of joy here. can i ask why? >> i feel lsu is a better place for him to be. lsu tigers number one. go tigers. >> this is what's hysterical. going to alabama. that mother right there, she had the same reaction when her older son went to florida. she did the same thing. maybe she didn't want lsu so badly.
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she's got good football playing children. the most popular sport having trouble selling out. the bangals, will host games. if they don't sell out today, they will be blacked out in the local market. it's maybe understandable in the outdoor games. cincinnati is going ob outside. indy is indoors. the eagles the only ones selling out. the chiefs and colts, saturday, 4:30 p.m. eastern time. thunder tied up in the final seconds. >> they switch it. behind his back. he shot it. >> brooklyn's joe johnson with the game winner at the buzzer. a rare win for brooklyn, 95-93. coming up at the top of the hour, "morning joe," the winter storm impacting millions.
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of course, we have been talking about the winter storm they have named hercules. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends this is expected to affect 100 million people across 22 states. the worst winter storm to hit, the great white hurricane of 1888. the storm formed snow drifts up to 50 feet high. these pictures are amazing. it immobilized new york and boston. resulted in the death of 400 people, the highest death toll for a winter storm in the history of this country. all right. let's put aside the news for a second. coming soon, the latest product to cash in for the "duck dynasty" guys. >> the blue wings are on the move. the grand passage has begun. brush your blinds. grab your gun.
2:54 am
let's go kill some ducks, boys. >> the robertson family teamed up with a gun maker to market 11 camouflage guns, including shotguns. it will have the "duck dynasty" logo. phil narrates a series of ads. the guns are sent to distributors. they were already in the works before the controversy. we rarely get into north carolina politics here on "way too early" but we have a good headline. the city councilman sent in his resignation in cling on. this is what the note looked like. seriously. the translation, this is what it is. it took me awhile to do. teach the city the constitution, i will return next time to witness victory. resignation occurs in 2014, the
2:55 am
31st of january. perhaps today is a good day to resign. i took cling on 101 in college. to get an idea of what it sounds like in terms of speaking. here is a pop song translated that we found on youtube. ♪ >> i think we just hit a new low. that's painful. i need jerry seinfeld to save me. of course comedians in cars have a new episode. take a look. >> i got a car. oh, my god. what kind of engine is in there?
2:56 am
>> a two cylinder. >> it's like an old motorcycle. one for me, one for you. can you imagine walking into a car dealership going, yeah, i'll take that. >> how is it in the snow. >> how is the wicker in the snow? >> that's how you start it? >> yeah. >> okay. >> you're not going to believe this, but we are moving. >> my ass hurts a lot. >> from this? >> i hope so. >> he was really good. still ahead on "way too early" what is your last good deed you have done? your creative tweets and "morning joe." mr. cramer in the house moments away. as a working mom of two young boys life could be hectic. angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services.
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so, someone in northern california picked up the hotel cab for everyone in a hotel. we thought what a great good deed. what have you done in the last little bit to help somebody out? we have natalie in from the cold with a few responses. >> bill and i were having a snowball fight.
3:00 am
michelle says 50 brown bag lunches to hand out to the homeless on christmas eve. the best good deeds are done with no one else knowing but you. >> that is 100% true but we we wanted to highlight a few of them. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ hey. wow. welcome to "morning joe." happy new year. snow in boston. they are going to get pounded, willie geist. pounded. paying for third sins. i'm not sure what they are. we'll pay for ours too down here. here's a shot of times square. it wasn't too bad getting in. the roads were pretty bad. i'm blaming this on bill